How does our organization apply for a grant?

Applications are by invitation only. Please see our Grant Guidelines page for more information.

How do we know if our organization is a good fit for the Mazda Foundation's grant program?

Mazda funds non-profit organizations in the areas of education, literacy, social welfare, scientific research, cross-cultural understanding, and environmental conservation. See Programs.

Who decides on the grants, and when are the recipients notified?

The Board of Trustees meets in December for decision-making. Applicants who are selected to receive a grant will be notified at the end of December or early January. Due to the volume of inquiries, we cannot respond individually to organizations not selected for further consideration.

What are the Mazda Foundation funding levels?

Grants are awarded according to the nature and need of the program. To learn more about our funding levels, click here.

Does the Foundation give grants to individuals?

No, grants are not awarded to individuals, but the Mazda Foundation has awarded grants to universities and scholarship funds, from which individuals directly benefit.