About Us

Through the Mazda Foundation, Mazda and its employees are working together to proactively help our neighbors - and the communities where we live and work - to build a better, brighter future.

Jeff Guyton Mazda President
Jeff Guyton
Chairman, Mazda Foundation
President, Mazda North American Operations
Kate Smith Mazda Foundation
Kate Smith
President, Mazda Foundation
Controller, Mazda North American Operations
Blase De Leo of Mazda North American Operations Mazda Foundation
Blase De Leo
Director, Mazda Foundation
Vice President, Brand Engagement & Training Mazda North American Operations

Not Pictured:

Kara Hudson: Treasurer, Mazda Foundation and General Manager, Western Region, Mazda North American Operations
Tamara Mlynarczyk: Secretary, Mazda Foundation and Manager, Public Affairs, Mazda North American Operations

The Mazda Foundation connects Mazda and its employees to the communities in which they live and work by collaborating with, and supporting, innovative local organizations whose integrity and contributions inspire us by making each community a better place to live. What matters most is one another, and Mazda strives to helps its employees and community members live healthy, joyful lives.

With contributions exceeding $13.4 million since its founding in 1992, the Mazda Foundation is playing a meaningful role in helping thousands of Americans realize their aspirations and dreams. We support programs from children's organizations and food banks, to animal shelters and STEM programs. And as community needs change, we adapt our giving to offer the most effective support.